Case Study: Apex Prime Care


Long standing Webroster customer, Apex Prime Care, is a domiciliary care provider with over 700 carers with a growing number of branches across the South of England.

For Liz Patrick, finance director at Apex Prime Care, their logical approach to cash flow has been central to the sustained growth of the business:

“We don’t overspend and are very diligent when it comes to tracking finances.

“As a result, it’s crucial that we invoice properly. If invoicing goes wrong, it is time consuming to go back and correct things.

“For the finance department, that’s where is extremely important. Invoices can be generated, sent out and fed into our accounts system – streamlining our processes.”

The importance of quality customer support

With playing such a pivotal role in the finance department, it’s important that the Apex Prime Care team feel they can rely on the system and the customer support at Webroster – if they do have any questions.

As Liz explained: “The customer support team at Webroster is excellent. The help desk team have always been very good: it’s always good to know we can call to check whether something makes good sense or how to do something properly. It’s a really good working relationship.

“If we do have any issues or queries, then we know the Webroster team are there to support us. For example, when we have new branches join Apex Prime Care we need to adapt to suit new proformas. Webroster support us with this and they really take on board the urgency of our queries in helping us meet invoicing runs.”

The power of for the finance department also lies in the ability to extract business information from the system:

“The experts at Webroster were able to develop a way for us to extract information in a format that is consistent with our accounts database. As a result, we’re able to look at data period-on-period to look for variants: we’re able to see what the reason may be for a change, such as sales invoices being up or down.”

Quality training for new care coordinators

Ruth Wood, regional care manager at Apex Prime Care, explains that her teams rely upon for their every day rostering. For Ruth, the Webroster customer support team is particularly key to ensuring her staff members are trained to use the rostering system:

“The Webroster team are there to help us train up coordinators to use the software and support us when needed. They visit us in person for training and if we call up the customer support team they are great at dealing with queries quickly or putting us through to the right person.”

A reliable, easy-to-use rostering software

Ruth explained that many coordinators joining the Apex Prime Care team would have previously used a different rostering system. As a result, the Webroster customer support team plays a pivotal role in helping to familiarise and train new coordinators in using

“With the right training and support in place, coordinators soon agree with me that is simple and straight-forward: they soon say they can’t imagine using any other system.

“ is a very good system to use, which is made even better by the fact that we totally trust the Webroster team to help us when needed.”

Reducing manual, time consuming processes

The flexibility of the rostering system and the expertise of the customer support team have also been pivotal in helping Apex Prime Care reduce manual, time consuming processes. As Ruth said:

“We work with a lot of on-call staff who need to have access to client details. Before, our coordinators had to print-screen the details from the rostering system and print them off for the on-call staff. This could be a really long process, particularly when we needed to provide staff with the details of up to 150 clients.”

“We spoke to the Webroster team about the difficulties we were facing and they came back to us with a solution. The team worked to create a report, tailored specifically to our needs, which allowed us to easily extract the required client details from the system and provide them to our on-call staff.”

All together, the system complemented by the hard work of our customer support team has been vital in ensuring Apex Prime Care get the very best from their rostering software.

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