Navigating to Webroster

Navigating to Webroster

It has come to our attention that some users are using a search engine in order to find their url (internet address) for, for example using a Google search.

Firstly, this returns our www3 url in the search results – which is not correct for all Webroster Users and could cause login issues.

Secondly some of the results that the search engine may show could link to other sites which may not be related to at all. This is a security risk as some sites returned in the search results may possibly be used to record your login details posing a potential security risk to your data.

You should type your Webroster url by hand into the address bar of your browser. The address bar of your browser is located towards the top of your browser window. In the example shown here the url for has been typed into the address bar. Press the Enter key to go to your login page.

Once the Webroster login page has been returned add this page as a favourite. Having your login page as your browser homepage is recommended. Check with your IT person if you are unsure how to do this.

We also suggest that you do not have a search engine as your browser homepage. This is because when you open your internet browser some search engines place your cursor in their search box, instead of in the address bar of your browser. In the example above the search box is the box located immediately above the button labelled Google Search.

Our url for is

If you are unsure which url to use check with colleagues or contact Webroster Customer Support.